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Mogyorod 2006 - хронология

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хронология на състезанието

пет. следоб.Fernando Alonsoнаказание
съб. предоб.Michael Schumacherнаказание
Christian Klienдруг
Scott Speed
Pedro de la Rosaгрешка на водача
1Sakon Yamamotoотпадане - неизвестен
1Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massaманевра на изпреварване
Robert Kubicaгрешка на водача
2Mark Webberотпадане - неизвестен
Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacherманевра на изпреварване
Jenson Button, Michael Schumacherманевра на изпреварване
7Christian Klienотпадане - неизвестен
Felipe Massaгрешка на водача
Robert Kubica, Jarno Trulliманевра на изпреварване
Vitantonio Liuzzi, Jarno Trulliманевра на изпреварване
Giancarlo Fisichella, Michael Schumacherопит за изпреварване
Giancarlo Fisichella, Michael Schumacherсблъсък
Giancarlo Fisichellaгрешка на водача
19Giancarlo Fisichellaотпадане - неизвестен
Robert Kubicaгрешка на водача
20Nico Rosbergотпадане - неизвестен
26Vitantonio Liuzzi, Kimi Räikkonenотпадане - сблъсък
Michael Schumacher
Robert Kubica, Ralf Schumacherманевра на изпреварване
Ralf Schumacher, Robert Kubicaманевра на изпреварване
Robert Kubica, Felipe Massaманевра на изпреварване
Michael Schumacher, David Coulthardманевра на изпреварване
Michael Schumacher, Nick Heidfeldманевра на изпреварване
Jarno Trulliгрешка на водача
52Fernando Alonsoотпадане - окачване на колела
Pedro de la Rosa, Michael Schumacherопит за изпреварване
Pedro de la Rosa, Michael Schumacherманевра на изпреварване
Jarno Trulliотпадане - мотор
First victory for Button
For overtaking during yellow and red flags, both championship aspirants get a 2-second penalty on their qualifying-times and have to start from positions 11 and 15.

All drivers except Barrichello start on intermediate-tyres. In a exceptional first lap, Schumacher gets 4th position and Alonso 6th. After just 4 laps Alonso overtook Schumacher and Räikkonen leads in front of de la Rosa, Alonso and Schumacher. Schumacher who seems to have problems with his tyres, falls back behind Button, but can keep Fisichella behind him for now.

In the next laps Alonso gains the lead because of other driver's pitstops and overlaps Schumacher after just 24 laps.

However, Räikkonen's incident causes a Safety-Car phase and Alonso loses his big lead and Schumacher can his lost lap.

After that Schumacher's car (or tyres) seem to work better and he starts to gain up to 4 seconds on the leader. Also Button gains on Alonso while the rain stops and the track gets dryer.

After Alonso has to retire because of a badly attached wheel and Heidfeld has go to the pits, Schumacher is already on second place. However the track is already very dry and Schumacher is the only driver in the leading group left with intermediate-tyres.

Schumacher can't keep up with the others and loses first his second place to de la Rosa, then he collides with Heidfeld and has to retire 3 laps before the finish.

Finally we get a podium full of outsiders: Button wins in front of de la Rosa and Heidfeld.

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